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Were you aware that the Swissy is a rare breed and that the purchase fees could range from $2,000 - $2,400?

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Do you have other pets?
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Do you have a fenced area?
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if not, how do you intend to exercise your dog/how often?
Did you know that house training may take upto 6-9 months?

This breed sheds. Will you be able to deal with this issue?

If you have younger children, do you know that toddlers and large breed dogs need to be taught how to interact with each other to avoid possible physical injury?

To what extent will you use a crate?

How do you intend to socialize the puppy?

Where and what type of training classes will you take?

What experience do you have with large breed working dogs?

Have you personally encountered a Swissy?

Why do you want to own a Swissy?

How did you learn about Swissy?

Please describe your perfect Swissy?
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Show Quality
Do you plan on breeding?
if not, are you willing to wait until your swissy is 18-24 months old to spay or neuter him/her?
How do you plan on working your Swissy? Obedience
Weight Pulling
Service Dog
Do you have a veterinarian knowledgeable about large breeds?

What is your veterinarian's name/number?

Have you researched the diseases that can affect Swissys, such as OCD, bloat/gastric torsion, epilepsy, splenic torsion, etc? Do you know treating some of these conditions can be very expensive?

Do you have an emergency Veterinary Clinic nearby?

Are you aware that this is a human dependant (needy) breed?

Are you aware of how much food and quality of food is required for a large breed dog?

How did you hear about us?

Once your application has been approved and once your new Swissy puppy is born and doing well, a $500.00 non-refundable deposit may be made on him/her. I do not guarantee anyone a puppy until they have been evaluated and I know they are being placed in the appropriate homes. If I feel I do not have a puppy that will suit your needs your deposit will be refunded. The remaining balance is due before shipping or at the time you pick up of your puppy. Shipping cost will be the responsibility of purchaser i.e. Cost of crate, health certificate and airline fee. Make checks payable to Deanna Never or Swiss Run Swissy.
Note: All puppies sold will be charged 6% VT State Sales Tax.

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